In a world riddled with technological advancement, some of the appliances may resemble or have similar functions. This can cause a lot of confusion especially when it comes to purchasing one or the other. When it comes to toaster oven vs. microwave, the confusion is even more. This is because of the overlap in their functions, capabilities and their features. Click Here : Kitchen appliance & recipesĀ 

Earlier, toaster ovens were just meant for runny cheese and yummy toast as well as other grilled sandwiches. Currently however, these kitchen appliances are far more advanced in wattage and other features which make them as useful as microwaves in what they can do. Some smart ovens may have even more functions compared to microwaves.

For those planning to buy either a microwave or toaster oven, we have discussed some differences between the two to allow you make the right decision. Browning of food is the function of a component of an oven called a broiler. Microwave ovens cannot brown foods because they lack a broiler but toaster ovens do. The latter ensures that the browning occurs evenly and in the case of high quality toasters, the browning function occur faster than in conventional ovens.

As regards energy expenditure, a microwave is slightly more energy-efficient compared to a toaster oven. While a microwave uses an average of 700 to 1300 Watts, toaster uses an average energy of between 1200 and 1800 Watts. This means that it uses up to half the energy of the conventional ovens while a microwave uses only a third of that.

So many appliances need to fit into a kitchen; it has to be state-of-the-art. It is therefore important to ensure that the appliances you use are easy to handle and occupies lesser space. Toaster ovens fit these specs. They are generally lighter in weight, smaller and user-friendly compared to microwave ovens as well as other conventional ovens.